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Welcome to the adventure on a journey through a fantasy world
the heart of the savannah populate horde zombie with superhuman strength
with companion weapon Jungo troll and ogre Tamiz brainless
yours raid 4 player is about to survive in a dangerous area
the aim of the game is simple go as far as possible while slaying the monster more
menu of weapons ranging from simple knife the club through the raw fish
of itinerant merchants you can wait and recruit reinforcements in your mission
buy the stuff in skill intensive forest and a colorful spirit ! Monster out of world
offers you a spellbook to launch powerful magic spell.
eg fireball projects every enemy in the area, lightning
that inflicts damage and live without forget the famous healing spell that is useful to survive

The history of Monster out of World begins at the dawn of a new earth eternity Men arrived thinking they could settle on this planet all going well it fessais live in joy is the good mood when gradually start their skin turned green and eventually become more real monster consuming call zombie has become carnivorous troll Jungo has set up a task bitter ca find a safe place for him is ca family.

The most out of Monster World
An infinite universe , you can run a new willingness to horizon.
- No quest you are totally free to go or you wish
From free - stuff skill is what will make it fun

see movie the movie here


Buy Now3.00€ EUR or more

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